Best stag night ideas in Krakow

Given that you just google it, you must be up for a good time during your bachelor party in Krakow. Good news – you are in a great spot. Whether it was planned or purely incidental, old capital of Poland is one of the best cities to party in middle-east Europe. In Poland, you can meet a lot of young people choosing Krakow for a weekend trip just to party. It is also one of two largest city in Poland in terms of students.

That tells a lot. There are plenty of bars, pubs and other attractions around. You will find plethora of events, both in the main square and other districts such as Kazimierz. Pub Crawling through Szewska Street or as Italians call it “Zebra Hunting” in one of many bars are just one way to spend time during stag night. After all, many of you are still to find the one and only, right?

Nowadays, you can also kick start such evening with great time during day. How? Well, ideas range from shooting courses, through races up to casual fun activities. Such as throwing axes Yes, you read that right. You can meet up two hours earlier than planned, grab a beer (or dozen) and have it start with a blast. After all, not many of your colleagues initiated their bachelor party dressed up as Viking, and throwing axes at target.

This is a relatively simple task, with a lot of fun to it. Instructor takes about five to ten minutes of your time and you can relax, have fun and make photos of it. Then it’s just a matter of changing up the place filled with adrenaline and go to conquer the city. Way to go!

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